Activision, Sega Veterans at Ignited Artists Unveil Co-Op Roguelike Barbaric

Barbaric, a cooperative roguelike set in a grimdark fantasy realm, will arrive on Windows PC via Steam in Q4 2017. Developed by Ignited Artists, a team of industry veterans helmed by a former Vice President at Activision Blizzard and Executive Producer at Sega, Barbaric will deliver endlessly-replayable dungeon-crawling.

In a world shrouded in eternal night, a group of champions band together to repel the demonic scourge plaguing their land. To fulfill the prophecy of a new dawn, the heroes must depend on one another, relying on specialized skills to navigate the harsh landscapes of Aldderas.
Select one of eight powerful adventurers and enlist the aid of friends online to survive procedurally-generated dungeons and the ancient evils within. Each race and hero possesses distinct talents with the ability to augment their powers and strengthen the party. 
With combat inspired by competitive fighting games, Barbaric requires thoughtfulness on the battlefield. Deep, highly-customizable actions, coupled with ever-present friendly fire, necessitates warriors to ensure their blows find the correct targets.
That is, until a mission draws to a close. Then teammates can backstab each other and fight for the right to bring home the boss token, which one hero can exchange for powerful loot.
“Combat is the heart of every dungeon-crawler, but where can you find the best combat? Fighting games.” says Scott Foe, Game Director of Barbaric. “We tossed out everything from the classics and borrowed from fighting games to deliver the smoothest, most-thoughtful experience in the genre.”
“Great gameplay is paramount to the Barbaric experience, and Barbaric is also the most-visually beautiful roguelike ever created. The world has been waiting 37 years for this game,” adds Alessandro Tento, Ignited Artists’ Chief Executive.

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