Albion Online: Starter Packs Available Different start times at launch announced

Berlin: July 10, 2017
The countdown has begun: The servers of Albion Online are currently offline and are being set up for the official start of the game. From July 17, 2017 on, players can finally set out on their adventures in the world of Albion. Hence, Sandbox Interactive announced the available new Starter Packs today, replacing the Founder Packs. These introductory packs not only offer the players access to Sandbox’ MMORPG, but also contain different amounts of gold and premium play time as well as special equipment items.The Starter Packs at a glance:

Veteran Starter Pack (29.95 USD)
  • Game start: July 19
  • 2,000 Gold
  • 30 days Premium
Epic Starter Pack (49.95 USD)
  • Game start: July 18
  • 4,500 Gold
  • 60 days Premium
  • Epic Equipment
  • Epic Avatars
Legendary Starter Pack  (99.95 USD)
  • Game start: July 17
  • 12,000 Gold
  • 90 days Premium
  • Legendary Equipment
  • Legendary Avatars
  • Legendary Horse
  • Legendary Cart
  • Epic Equipment
  • Epic Avatars

Existing Founders will also get all the mounts and equipment items included in the Starter Pack of the respective tier (Veteran, Epic, Legendary).

Depending on the tier of their Founder or Starter Pack, Albion Online adventurers are granted access to the officially launched game at different times. 

The launch next week will look as follows:

  • July 17 at 13:00 (UTC): Access for owners of Legendary Founder or Starter Packs
  • July 18 at 13:00 (UTC): Access for owners of Epic Founder or Starter Packs
  • July 19 at 13:00 (UTC): Access for owners of Veteran Founder or Starter Packs

Here is an overview of 13:00 UTC in several time zones:

    06:00 a.m. PDT (Los Angeles)
    09:00 a.m. EDT (New York)
    10:00 a.m. BRT (São Paulo)
    03:00 p.m. CEST (Brussels, Berlin, Paris)
    04:00 p.m. MSK (Moscow)
    11:00 p.m. AEST (Sydney)

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