Snag the summer update of Mahjong Journey on Apple, Google, Amazon and Windows app stores!

Plunge into another exciting trip in order to find sunken treasure!

Summer breezes and sunken treasure are calling you. Are you ready for your next international adventure with Mahjong Journey? Accept the challenge and get the coveted Treasure in the thrilling summer update of this popular, free-to-play Solitaire game. Two new locations have just opened in the game. Have you ever been to Portugal and Spain? Well, now’s the time!

What’s New in This Update:
SUNKEN TREASURE EVENT – Dive into the scenery of the underwater world. Play 30 challenging levels on the new map and gather Seashells to win the Treasure Chest, which gives you a Small Token Booster every day!
GLORIOUS REWARDS – Play every day to collect all the parts of the Great Talisman of the Dragon, which doubles life regeneration, freezes the timer and adds time on each level.

90 NEW LEVELS IN PORTUGAL AND SPAIN – Discover the beautiful Pena National Palace, picturesque Cape Formentor, famous Sagrada Familia and other breathtaking locations.

PORTRAIT DISPLAY MODE – Matching tiles just got even easier!
NEW FEATURES – Get amulets, boosters and other useful items in the new Shop, and then save them in your Inventory.

UPDATED INTERFACE – This magical journey is now even more beautiful and pleasing to play. Hurry to see the changes!

Thanks for playing Mahjong Journey!

The game is developed and published by G5 Games.

When: July 7, 2017
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