Art of Conquest Great House Update Coming Soon

Breakout MMORTS hybrid Art of Conquest (AoC) is almost ready for its next big update which will affect how PvP works. The new update allows players to create Game of Thrones style Great Houses that will allow more city conquests, more resources, and more leveling. Rather than a house being restricted to controlling a single city, now they can capture as many cities as their level allows. No longer will you need to create another House and split your clan to control another city. Each level will allow a House to control another city, have 45 more members, and a resource bonus for each house member.

Any house member can occupy a city and begin a siege. City conquest has also changed to prevent houses being captured at the last moment by someone who didn’t partake in the siege. Conquest begins if house members are occupying an enemy city. If every house member in the siege is under attack, the conquest pauses. If all members are defeated, the conquest fails. If an attacker or defender is defeated in the siege, they will be unable to engage in another city siege until a surrender debuff is removed in one hour. This debuff will also affect duels and robberies. If you want to make a siege count, you will need to make sure you strategize unless you want to lose time before you attack them again.

“A House needs to really prove their strength and stand their ground if they want to successfully claim a city.” Lord D. (Designer and Producer for Art of Conquest) said in regards to this new update. “No player or House can hope to claim a city just by clicking faster.”

When a city is captured, the House decides a governor for it. The governor manages who sits where and gets what resource bonus, or they can send members back to capital. They get all the different buffs the city provides, while other members only get the one their tile provides. This provides Houses with some in-depth management tools to resource manage their city conquests and defense effectively.

All of these changes will dramatically change the style of sieges and city management, and Lilith Games is excited to hear feedback from players when the Great House Update is online. Art of Conquest (AoC) is available to download from both Google Play and the Apple App Store

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