VR technology leaders power world’s first full-body VR experience developed by students

VR technology leaders power world’s first full-body VR experience developed by students

Students at Saxion University present ‘Project Myron’ in partnership with Xsens

Enschede, Netherlands, 26 Apr 2017: Project Myron was created by an ambitious team of students at the Saxion University of Applied Sciences. In it, players can see and interact with other virtual characters in a VR environment. 

The group worked in collaboration with mocap and VR technology leaders to make Project Myron a reality, with support coming from Xsens MVN suits, along with tech from Manus VR, XMG, and The Virtual Dutch Men.


An exclusive demo of the full-body mocap VR experience was shown to the world at this year’s FMX.


Project Myron

Project Myron kicked off in February 2017 – the goal was to create an immersive team-based eight-player arena shooter experience in just five months.


Players are fully emerged in the experience with total character movement control and live interaction with other players, all taking place in the virtual environment. Using body language to communicate, two teams of four work together to pursue and wipe out the opposing team.


Xsens mocap suits power this real-time experience, capturing player movement as they play the game. Manus VR mocap gloves, XMG backpack PCs, and the guidance of VR content creators The Virtual Dutch Men also bridge the gap between the physical and virtual worlds.

Xsens’ new motion-tracking technology doesn’t require any cameras, stage or sticky balls. Instead, it works using a combination of gyroscopes, accelerometers and magnetometers. Set up takes about ten minutes, without having to fire up a whole optical motion-capture stage, to seemingly transfer someone into the virtual world. The suit is equipped with ultra-small trackers which allow for rolls and stunts.


Project Myron is due for completion in July 2017. An exclusive preview of the project was presented for the first time at the FMX festival in Stuttgart, Germany on the 3rd of May from 11:00 – 12:00 in Raum Karlsruhe.



You can follow the project progress on Facebook and Twitter.

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