Meet StreamMerch – Exclusive Twitch Plug-In for Gamers

Spreadshirt, the self-expression global e-commerce company just released a web app called StreamMerch, which is the first of its kind plug-in for Twich that will make gaming merchandise sales highly personalized and interactive. Based on Streamlabs, it allows for a real-time alert to be displayed across the screen as soon as a fan makes a purchase, providing seconds of fame for the buyer in livestream.  This ensures that the streamer’s designs are in front of their enthused audience during exciting game sessions and their appreciation from their fanbase never goes unnoticed. The new app powers a quick merch shop set-up with just a few clicks it directly connects within the streamer’s channel.

Within Spreadshirt, PixelCotton is a dedicated team of gamers who are dedicated to designing gaming apparel and supporting the gaming community. As the Chief of the PixelCotton Team, Claudia has been at Spreadshirt for nearly a decade and was instrumental in developing the next generation of game merchandise as the interactive fashion and gaming worlds collide with Pixel Cotton. She shares her insight on the plug-in below:
“We love the interaction of donations between the community and their streamers. It perfectly showcases how both parties display their respect towards one another – the community by supporting the streamer financially and the streamer by valuing each individual. The former lack of interactions between the merchandising stores of the streamers and their fans was problematic for us – making us motivated to change that dynamic and offer a new method of engagement to take it to the next level.”

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