Loco Dojo And Abandon Ship Win Indie Showcase Awards At Develop:Brighton 2017

The winners of the seventh Indie Showcase, sponsored by Unity, have been announced at the Develop:Brighton. They are:

People’s Choice award as voted for by attendees:

Abandon Ship (PC)
Fireblade Software

Abandon Ship is a single-player PC game where you take command of a ship and her crew, exploring a procedurally-generated world, taking on quests and dealing with random events. Frequently, you will end up engaging other ships in combat, having to employ your best tactics in order to out-manoeuvre and out-gun the enemy.
Video link: https://youtu.be/ajyT1Yulw40?t=0s Indie Showcase overall winner as voted for by the judging panel:

Loco Dojo (Oculus Rift)
Make Real

Enter the whimsical wooden world of Loco Dojo! Discover a wealth of uses for Oculus Touch, taking it in turns to spin the wheel of a central board game and launch one of sixteen minigames in which to compete with your rivals for Grand Sensei’s (voiced by Brian Blessed) favour.
Video link: https://youtu.be/7n58se1FTeE

Josh Naylor, lead of evangelism EMEA, Unity, said: “The standard of games at this year’s Indie Showcase at Develop:Brighton have been exceptional and we are delighted to see the number of different platforms being developed on, from mobile to PC and VR. The competition is a great opportunity to show the level of creativity in today’s industry. Thank you to all those who submitted and shortlisted and congratulations to the winners.”

Of the more than 100 entries received by the conference organisers this year, ten were shortlisted for the showcase by Adam Green, chair of the judging panel and managing director of Assyria Games.

Each studio received a complimentary booth on the expo floor, free expo passes and the chance to demo their game to more than 2,000 top developers and games industry professionals from all over the world.

Develop:Brighton – Europe’s leading conference for the game development community – ran from 11-13 July. In 2018, the dates are 10-12 July.

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