Planet Coaster Update 1.3.2

We have Update 1.3.2 here for you – the team have been working hard as ever to take care of several bug fixes, kindly reported by you. Have a look at the update notes below! Please keep giving us your feedback on the forums as well as through bug reports, so we can continue to make the best game possible.

General Tweaks

  • Triggers can now be set to delay at 0.01 second increments


  • Added ‘Mountain Woods by Headcrash’ video to the billboard options, the winning video of the Commercial Break competition
  • Improved the trajectory variance on fireworks


  • Added a button for changing a saved park’s biome to the My Parks screen
  • Improved The Cottage Lamp browser icon

Ride/Coaster Bug Fixes

  • Tracks no longer flicker when scaled, when attaching a mid or exit section to a standard track piece
  • Increased the maximum drop angle of the De-Gen coaster
  • Fixed an issue where there seat cameras were missing from the Iron Horse and Connie Express rides
  • Fixed an issue where triggers would occur only once the race was won on the Speed ride
  • Lowered the Gnarler seat camera
  • Fixed an issue where changing a ride sequence would not save immediately
  • Fixed an issue where raising a ride too high would cause its floor to disappear
  • Fixed an issue where rides could be raised through paths
  • Improved the breaking of the Viper One station, which should prevent trains going over the station on the final pass
  • The Sky Watcher is no longer classed as a thrill ride
  • Fixed some clipping for larger guests on the Power Up coaster
  • Added inversions to the Tiamat coaster

Scenery Bug Fixes

  • Video billboards now properly support the VP9 codec
  • Fixed an issue where multi-launch fireworks would only fire one firework when triggered by a Display Sequencer
  • The Paddle Steamer scenery item should retain its custom colour when being placed after other items
  • Updated the Cosmic Cow Ice Cream Wall Sign 2 Lit – since this item was a duplicate of the milkshakes variant, it now advertises ice cream
  • Fixed an issue where the flag would detach from the Large Customisable Standing Flag
  • Improved culling distances for fireworks blueprints
  • Reduced the minimum track length for the Trident coaster so it is consistent with the Bolt coaster
  • Fixed an issue where Display Sequencers would not trigger other sequencers at a high frequency
  • Increased the maximum train length to 12 cars for the Gnarler coaster
  • Removed extraneous custom colour slots for fireworks
  • Improved performance of video performance so that they scale relative to game performance
  • Improved the collision for the Wagon Stand Piano
  • Improved the position of guests on the Blackout ride
  • Fixed Natural Wood Plank Square Half Arch and Painted Wood Batten Square Half Arch to be correctly name in German

UI Bug Fixes

  • Rounding down no longer affects rollercoasters completing objectives
  • Improved persistence of filters between browser tabs
  • Fixed an issue where shops had to be renamed twice
  • Fixed an issue where the delay field for triggered objects could not be edited
  • Updated the icon used for stopping a music track on a Display Sequencer
  • Fixed an issue where view and unsubscribe buttons would not function for Steam Workshop blueprints added while the game was running
  • Fixed an issue with using apostrophes in the name of Display Sequencer groups
  • Added images for the Liberty and Uncle Sam hats in guest’s inventories
  • Improved the representation of ride names and types in the coaster browser
  • Custom Biome park names now support ampersand characters
  • Tracked rides now have the correct icon on the Park Management Special Effects screen
  • Fixed previous run heatmaps on the Power Up coaster
  • Improved scaling of the Music Picker list for rides and music speakers
  • Fixed an issue with the Trigger editor text input selection

Guest Bug Fixes

  • Guests will no longer go through railings to leave a ride that has been closed
  • Guests will no longer wander into the distance when leaving a ride
  • Fixed an issue where guests would walk through railings on raised paths
  • Fixed an issue where guests would not use stairs correctly when exiting a ride

Audio Bug Fixes

  • Added audio cues to certain career award popups
  • Added audio effects for a number of tabs and subcategories in the browser
  • Fixed an issue with User music and Planet Coaster music filters not working correctly for speakers or display sequencers that are part of a building

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