Miniclip and Tencent Announce 3D Air Combat Game, War Wings, Coming to UK in July

Miniclip and Tencent have today announced that the World War II air combat mobile game, War Wings, will officially release on the UK-region Apple App Store and Google Play later this month. The hit aerial dogfighting title, which features intense real-time 4×4 online battles, is currently available in most European countries and other select regions worldwide. War Wings will be coming soon to the U.S. market.

In celebration of the UK launch and to commemorate the historic Battle of Britain air campaign that began in July 1940, War Wings will feature three special in-game events with massive rewards this month. Pilots can earn game bonuses and special item awards during the events that recreate the British Royal Air Force’s courageous defense of their homeland against the German Luftwaffe’s Blitz.
Almost all of the aircraft models that participated in the Battle of Britain are available to fly and play in War Wings, including such iconic planes as the British Hurricane Mk.I and Spitfire Mk.I and the German Messerschmitt 
Bf-109E and Bf-110C. The RAF’s Boulton Paul Defiant fighter and the Luftwaffe’s Junkers Ju 87 Stuka dive bomber can be acquired by pilots who shoot down either 10 British or German aircraft during the special events and accumulate the item rewards necessary to exchange for the warplanes.
All British and German aircraft in the game are also available for purchase at a discount during the event period, making it easy for War Wings pilots and history buffs to enter the fray.

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