Risk-taking Survival FPS Crisis Action VR Launches on Steam VR Today

Game developer and publisher Pixel Wonder has confirmed the official release of Crisis Action VR, a new VR FPS available on Steam VR. Crisis Action VR offers HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and keyboard-and-mouse options, so players are able to kill zombies or fight against real people using whatever tools they prefer.

Crisis Action VR offers multiple kinds of gameplay so any VR fan can find a mode that matches their gaming tastes. Prefer to destroy zombie hordes with a team? Versus mode offers both a Player vs. Bots option and a Player vs. Player option for when you want to kill your friends. More of a solo gamer? Story mode takes players through a richly developed world on the brink of total zombie apocalypse. Players must find the cause of the sudden mutations, face the onslaught of infectees, and fight their way to safety.
Crisis Action VR is available to download globally from Steam VR for $29.99. Pixel Wonder has also confirmed that the game will soon be available on other VR platforms as well.

Check out the official Crisis Action VR trailer here:

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