Czech Republic wins Hearthstone Global Games 2017, and Method Triforce wins World of Warcraft Arena European Championship 2017 at gamescom!

Team Czech Republic are the Hearthstone Global Games champions! They staked their claim as the greatest card-slinging nation on Earth by defeating Team Ukraine in the first-ever HGG Grand Finals at gamescom 2017.


Over the course of four months, 48 countries battled it out until only four were left. South Korea, Ukraine, USA, and the Czech Republic made their way to Cologne, Germany to compete for the  $60,000 USD first-place prize.


In a hard-fought semi-final on Friday, Ukraine defeated South Korea. Meanwhile, Czech Republic won their match against Team USA to earn their place in the final match. Cheered on by an excited audience, StanCifka, pokrovak, CzechCloud and JáraVyskočil each stepped up when it mattered most to beat the Ukrainian team by a score of 4-2 in a best-of-seven in Saturday’s grand final and take their place as champions!


Last Saturday, Method Triforce beat ABC in the 2017 World of Warcraft Arena European Championship Finals at gamescom! Following victory over Grmbl in the semi-finals, Method Triforce stepped up when it mattered most, earning the winner’s trophy in front of an excited live audience.


As a reward for their outstanding performance, the team collected $50,000 USD in prize money, as well as passage to BlizzCon 2017—where they’ll compete against the best players from across the globe for the title of Arena World Champion.


The three runners-up from gamescom—ABC, third placed team Emo as well as Grmbl—have also earned spots in the World Championship finals later this year, in addition to a share of the $100,000 USD total European Championship prize pool.


Stay tuned to the 2017 Arena World Championship page for more information on the next stages of the tournament.

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