Raze: Dungeon Arena Name Changed to Raziel: Dungeon Arena

Publisher Wonder Game has announced today that the name of its forthcoming mobile ARPG, originally titled Raze: Dungeon Arena, has been changed to Raziel: Dungeon Arena to better reflect the game’s storyline and themes. The action-packed game features visually stunning graphics and effects, PvE and PvP modes, and flexible in-game progression.


Raziel: Dungeon Arena is currently launched and available in Australia. The game will officially release in North America for iOS devices this Fall.


Check out the new Raziel: Dungeon Arena trailer here:
Behind the Raziel Name
Raziel, originally from Hebrew, means “Secrets of God”. In the fantasy world of Raziel: Dungeon Arena, God has been the custodian of creation throughout the ages. But now, a disaffected band of angels seeks to disrupt God’s control and plunge the world into chaos by bringing a legendary artifact known as “The Sinister Plate” into the domain of man. With it, the dark angels can completely thwart God’s power and influence. Enter Raziel: Dungeon Arena and recover the artifact to preserve God’s dominion.

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