BOO! Hearthstone’s Hallow’s End is near!

Next week, Hearthstone is getting spooky! From October 24 through November 6, the Tavern is celebrating Hallow’s End with its own in-game events:

Free Card Packs and Arena Runs!
Week one: Log in between 09 am CEDT on October 24 and 10 pm CET on October 30 for a Whispers of the Old Gods card pack and an Arena ticket.
Week two: Log in between 00:01 am CET on October 31 and 10 pm CET on November 5 for a Knights of the Frozen Throne card pack and an Arena ticket.
Dual Class Arena!

From October 24 through November 6, players can experience an all-new dual class Arena mode! At the start of every Arena run, players choose a Hero, a Hero Power from another class, and then choose cards from both of those classes in addition to neutral cards. That’s not all though: each of the nine classic Hearthstone Heroes will attend their Arena games in costume!

A Tricky Tavern Brawl!

The Headless Horseman Rides is a special Hallow’s End Tavern Brawl that will run from October 25 to 29. Once the Brawl begins, players will Discover which “costume” to wear. Each costume has its own deck featuring cards from several classes and, for the first time, a passive Hero Power that you’ll need to make the most of if you want to succeed in defeating the Headless Horseman!

New Warlock Hero – Nemsy Necrofizzle

Starting today, players can claim the free alternate Warlock Hero by participating in a Fireside Brawl at any established Fireside Gathering Tavern. Don’t forget to check out Hallow’s End Fireside Gatherings near you! Good news: Nemsy will continue to be available after Hallow’s End concludes.

In addition to the above, check out the blog for all the chilling details on Hearthstone’s Hallow’s End activities:

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