Shadow on Broadway – Noir style, Action Puzzle Game Review

Shadow on Broadway is set in a grim, dark, grimey world, there is one drunkendetective and his bewitching friend seeking revenge for lost broadway star Nancy Whitaker.


Crime-ridden, magic-struck, gangster-brimming 1930s New York receives an unexpected and unwilling anti-hero Jack, the private investigator; employed into seeking vengeance for lost broadway star, by the beautiful but tough, Genevieve. Facing unusual mobsters, the two must use their abilities and a little help from Jack’s hip flask to seek justice in this heinous universe. Frankly though, Jack would rather drink himself to death than face what’s outside his office walls.


Team Noir is a recently formed, small Brisbane, Australia, based studio, excited to release Shadow on Broadway.


Can you find justice in this sticky situation?


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