Help Frank the Friendly Furball wrestle his cake from evil robots in TAKE THE CAKE – coming to Steam Tuesday, November 28

Get those knuckles ready for some serious platforming: TAKE THE CAKE, a new physics-driven platformer by Czech studio Ebenit, is sure to put your puzzle-solving ability and fine motor skills to the test 🙂

This cute yet challenging puzzle platformer will be hitting Steam next Tuesday. Check out the trailer:

In Take the Cake, Frank the Friendly Furball is on a mission to track down his stolen cake. Playing as Frank, you’ll face off against nasty robots and menacing bosses as you progress through five mysterious environments – and 27 levels – by changing Frank’s color and exploiting gravity to your advantage.

Stay alive by avoiding falls, getting hit by sharp spikes … or becoming a snack. If all else fails, you can always pick up a handmade rocket to even the odds!

*   Explore 27 levels across five colorful environments.
*   Experience platforming with realistic physics.
*   Choose how to play – either with a keyboard or gamepad.
*   Compete against other players for the best completion time in each level.
*   Enjoy an epic story told without a single word.

Take the Cake will be available on Steam (Windows only) Tuesday, November 28 for $9.99.

Steam URL:

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